Trick Photography: Why Great Photos Matter

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

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The saying “a picture is worth 1000 words” is an old one, but it has never been more true than today. The modern audience is image-driven. People spend far less time reading, and far more time skimming. The only way to capture this fickle, often inattentive audience is by grabbing their attention with outstanding images.

Why Photos are Important

People today are busy, and many of us are lazy to boot. By nature, we search for the most effortless sources of information. Don’t believe me? Keep this in mind the next time you’re standing in line at the grocery store. Your eyes will roam over the magazine display until a particular image captures your eye. Only then will you bother to read the text on the cover of the magazine.


Advertisers know this fact well. Whether readers are browsing printed or online media, they tend to glance through the content, skimming over text. Photos are like little traps in the overall content. If an image is interesting enough, the reader will take the bait, read the caption, and then (potentially) read the rest of the article.

As you can imagine, publishers and advertisers put a huge amount of care into choosing the ideal cover image for a magazine, newspaper, advertisement, or article.

So what does this mean for you? Essentially it means that if you hope to draw your audience in, you need great images. If you hope to capture them long enough to make an impression, sell a product, or communicate an idea, you absolutely must begin with brilliant, eye-catching photos.

Standing Out in a Sea of Mediocrity

Obviously, photographs matter. But there’s a catch here. Browse any website, blog, or social media platform and you’ll be bombarded with one image after the next. We’re experiencing a glut of visual information, and that constant flood of imagery soon turns into one great blur. Just think about it: in the past 24 hours, has a single image made an impact on your mind?


Once upon a time, photos were composed with great care. A great amount of time, planning and thought went into a photo before the shutter ever clicked. Today, we’re practically drowning in imagery. Statistics show that a typical urban person takes in over 11,000 images each day; and unfortunately, very few of those images can be deemed any better than snapshots.

Whether you’re a marketing pro, a small business trying to advertise your product, or simply a creative soul looking for an outlet, the art of photography is one that should be mastered. Quit snapping photos with your phone, quit adding instant filters, and start making real photographic art. That, my friends, is how you will stand out in a sea of photographic mediocrity. That is how you will sell products, turn heads, and make a lasting impression.

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